Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why are you on FB?

Believe it or not? If facebook or FB is a country, it can be in top 5 largest countries in the world. I mean the population.

Most of the people we know are on FB nowadays. Even our parents & grandparents. Youngsters below 18 also have FB. They are willing to cheat on their birth year just to have FB account.

What is the reason you signing your FB account? People are using FB not only to connect with family & friends but also to get new friends & some meeting their soulmate in it. No matter what is your reason, I have mine =) 
  1. This is the easiest & cheapest way to meet my old friends especially ex-schoolmate, ex-collegemate, ex-colleague & all the ex(s) I have *wink*
  2. Investigating people…kekeke. From their wall post, friends tagging, photo & their friend list. Its help me a lot to catch people who is cheating on me. And this idea is working ~ grins
  3. Business purposes. I have my own online shop that is still under renovation. So, feel free to visit if you are in the list =)
  4. To update about myself. Of coz from my wall posts, photos, videos. Updating here mean my current activity, location, mood & everything. Some people said it is annoying keep on updating your FB like that. It’s like you wanna tell the whole world what’s happening to you. I think it’s depending on individual how they see it. That’s why I only accept friend request from people I know. So, I share them the real me.

So peeps, whatever I share in my FB is all for you to read. Privacy? No, that’s what I wanna tell u peeps. That’s why I keep my FB very private. Even can’t be search. So, it can only be shared with those who are in my FB list that are my real friend outside FB. And of coz what I think is very privacy, I’ll keep it secretly.

I am very sorry if my post has been a spam on your FB. For those who feel annoyed, my advice is just take it easy, ignore & don’t read it. Unless you are stalker & keep on following the page…kekeke.

So, all the above are my main reason existing in your FB. This is me before, now & after. So, accept it or leave it. Cheers =)