Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KRU 20th Anniversary

It’s been ages since my last update. So, let warm up with the hottest event of the year, KRU 20th anniversary.

As well known, I am a big fan of KRU since 1995. And I really mean A BIG FAN. Hey, you do know what a big fan do, don’t you? Buying their albums, go to their concerts, showcases, open houses, film launchings or whatever it is, sending them birthday present, taking photo with them, listen to their songs, watching their movies over and over again without feeling bored.

Ok, enough with that. My last meeting KRU was on October 2006 at Times Square for Cicakman launching. I was with Asilah, poor her been forced to accompany me…hehehe. By the way, thanx a lot friend =) After that event, I was so busy being an adult, facing the reality of life…sigh.

So, when I saw Yusry post on FB regarding the event, I was so excited and of coz preparing self to the concert.

Let make the story short, here I attached the video taken during the event. Enjoy!!!

new singer - don't know her name but she look like a barbie doll



iqa band





sofazr rap

jaclyn victor

KRU amazing performance

KRU - no more hip hop dance - aging factor

KRU again and again

KRU balade song

End of the concert

Overall, I enjoy the show but I expect KRU to perform more songs next time. And since we know KRU have lot of singers under their brand and it was the good time to introducing or promoting them. I hope next time they can sing medley together to make the show short and give more space for KRU to sing. KRU only perform after 10:30pm…sob sob. I want more from KRU.

And I also hope that KRU can have a time to take photo with their fans after the show. We miss you, KRU.

KRU 20th anniversary…we have so much fun on that night. Thanks KRU.