Friday, December 14, 2012

Things I Don’t Understand

#Why contractor and client need to entertain each other for the project? Can they just get the best deal, then the contractor focusing on make the job done on time and the client pay them as promises? Escape the entertaining part. It’s wasting time and money.

#Why when we were small, we have been taught to be a good person. Do not lie, do not hurt others. Don’t be selfish, don’t do bad things. But when I grew up, people who did all this “don’t” are the one who success.

#Why when we fall on someone, we suddenly change to someone we do not know? We can’t be the real us in front of them. Suddenly the talkative can be speechless, the naughty one can be so polite. And why is it so hard to confess our feeling?

#Why professional people have to show their fierce face, no smile, no jokes, and no laugh during work? It’s so stress. Can we just do works in a comfortable way and as long as we can finish them as expected? But still remain our smile, laugh and happy mode. I believe less stress can lead to a better result. And better result is a professional =)

#Why some people choose to hide the truth rather than telling them? This makes things complicated. Can we just be honest and just straight forward? Make it simple. Less headache you will get.